Web developer with 15+ years of experience in software development. Mostly in PHP, but with good knowledge of the related technologies and tools to build high-load web projects and web applications.

About Andrey

Hello, my name is Andrey, i'm a software engineer from Kiev, Ukraine.

Last 10 years i'm in web development business from total of 15+ software development years. Key skills: PHP5 with OOP/OOD, Python, XML, XSLT, Javascript, jQuery, MooTools, GIT, Subversion, Mysql, Apache, nginx, Linux, UNIX.


  • PHP: 5.0+, cli apps, mod_php / php-fpm web apps development;
  • Frameworks: Energine, OWOX Engine, Slim Framework, ZF, xSight;
  • CSS: CSS2/CSS3 block markup, cross-browser CSS;
  • Javascript: pure cross-browser javascript, jQuery, Mootools;
  • SQL: MySql 3/4/5, PostgreSQL 8.x, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, MS SQL 2000, MS Access, SQLite 3, Paradox.
  • Bash: writing a simple automation / cron scripts for linux / unix;
  • Python: PyGame / SDL programming; web apps development with Django;
  • C/C++: Basic knowledge as part of academic/hobby projects;
  • Web servers: Apache (mod_php), nginx (php-fpm);
  • VCS: Git, Subversion, CVS;
  • Bugtrackers: Redmine, Mantis, Bugzilla, Github, etc;
  • IDE: Proficient user of JetBrains PhpStorm IDE, NetBeans IDE.


Fluent in: Russian, Ukrainian;
Good knowledge in technical reading/writing without vocabulary, medium level of speaking in: English.


Bachelor of Science (BS) / Computer Sciences. Faculty of Electronics, Department of Computer-Aided Design / Computer-Aided Manufacturing, National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Polytechnic Institute), 1994 - 2000

Main Subjects

Object Oriented server side programming with PHP using MVC pattern, client side web development and design with HTML/JS/CSS, team-based development, database management, CMS/ CMF design, e-commerce solutions, intranet systems. 

Key Projects

OWOX Engine based projects. Details and project names are forbidden to disclosure by signed NDA. Hi-load e-commerce web stores support and new modules development, integration with payment gateways, integration with customer’s CRM systems. Role: senior developer as part of outsource team.

Media websites (,,,,, — hi-load media portals with a huge media resources / multimedia handling / online streaming solutions. Based on Energine CMF. Written in PHP5 using php-fpm / nginx / xml/xslt / mootools. Role: senior developer as part of local team.

Ixquick Privacy Mail — a secure webmail software written in PHP5 / Mysql5 with PGP encryption support and high security standards. Type: outsource. Role: lead developer as part of Dutch team.

OnlineChartTool – online chart and diagram builder. Based on F3 php framework. Written in PHP5 / jQuery / mySql. Type: outsource. Role: main developer.

Digitale Muurkrant — a government distributed advertisement platform. Written in PHP5 / Mysql5 / ActionScript. Type: outsource. Role: developer as part of Dutch team.

Certified Secure — Corporate web-site and certification portal for the Certified Secure company. Based on customer's framework. Developed with PHP 5 and Mysql 5. Uses XSL templates, XML, Javascript, XHTML. Type: outsource of existing project. Role: developer as part of customer's team.

PrimVision (,, — mobile advertisement platform with mobile web apps written in PHP5 / Mysql5 as well as native clients for Android, iOS, Symbian. Type: outsource. Role: system architect, developer as part of distributed team.

Molex MX07 Product Catalog CD. Developed an electronic product catalogue CD. Developed with Borland Delphi 5, PHP 5, XML, XSLT, SQLite 3. The product is available by request through official representatives (Molex Russia is the nearest one - Type: outsource. Role: main developer.

Molex Media Database — Intranet Solution for the Molex Services GmbH ( Developed with PHP5, MS SQL 2000, IIS. Used XSL templates, XML, Javascript, XHTML. Based on custom framework. Type: outsource. Role: main developer.

Molex MX01 Full Line CD. Developed an electronic products catalogue CD. Developed with Borland Delphi 5 / Sqlite. Type: outsource. Role: main developer.

STAR (Sales Tracking / Activity Report) software for the Molex Interconnect AG ( Developed a distributed windows application to accumulate sales statistics and generate activity reports. Developed with Borland Delphi 5, Microsoft Access 2000 and some third-party VCL libraries. Type: outsource. Role: main developer.

Intranet solution for the Golden Telecom company. Developed a browser based intranet application. Implements business-process management, issue tracking software, billing integration, report engine. Developed with PHP4 and Oracle 8i. IE5+ driven. Used JavaScript, DHTML, HTC. Type: outsource. Role: lead developer as part of customer's team.

Intranet solution for the Hewlett-Packard Merchandise Division of Ukraine. Developed with PHP5, MySQL 4.1. Used AJAX technology for the refresh-less dynamical form data. Used XSL templates, XML, Javascript, XHTML. Type: local project. Role: main developer. — Corporate web-site for the telecommunication company Priocom Ltd. Developed with PHP 5 and Oracle 9i, based on xSight CMS and customer's graphical design templates. Used XSL templates, XML, Javascript, XHTML. Type: local project. Role: main developer.

Working Experience

2000 - 2004 — Molex Inc. IT Manager

My career has been started from the Molex Inc., where i worked 4 years since 2000 until 2004. I did a lot of stuff there on the «IT manager» position. I did a localized version of ukrainian and russian websites, using Perl/CGI, mysql, html. Also i did a few intranet projects for internal use (STAR, Molex Media Database). The most significant product i did working in Molex - is the Molex MX01 & Molex MX07 Product Catalog CDs. Those products has been written in Delphi and PHP/sqlite, the software is able to run directly from CD and user is able to search across the 100'000 products in a seconds, without any internet connection at all.

2004 - 2008 — UPT Web developer

UPT Soft - is the company where i've started to do a professional web sites using PHP as primary server-side language. Team development skills allows me as part of team to release a great products and web sites. Key project is the xSight CMS that we developed a long period of time. A lot of websites was released based on this platform.

2008 - 2013 — Briteam Senior web developer

Briteam - is the daughter company of the UPT. So all the web development department stuff just reborned one day as a new company. Main direction of business was an outsourcing. Our team did a lot of finished projects in cooperation with remote international teams.

2013 - 2015 — Eggmengroup LLC Senior web developer, part time

Eggmengroup - it was a home for a very creative people, all of us knows a lot about what we're doing and what customer's expected. With this great team i did a few very huge hi-load media projects. Also an open-source content-management framework Energine CMF was developed to satisfy all needs for hi-load and multimedia handling.

2013 - Current Time — UNAIK Senior Web Developer, part time

UNAIK is a great company with tasty projects. Mostly based on OWOX Engine, where i can grow my skills.

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